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On  June 2012 Molecular Insights Pharmaceuticals (MIP) and BioMedica Life Sciences S.A. reached to an agreement that provides BioMedica Life Sciences S.A. an exclusive sub-license to Dotatoc and 90Y-Dotatoc for certain territory. Under this agreement, BioMedica Life Sciences S.A. holds the rights to market, distribute and commercialize Dotatoc and 90Y-DOTATOC. For more information please contact

Biomedica Life Sciences S.A. is a privately held, vertically integrated Specialty Pharmaceutical Company, headquartered in Greece (Athens), focused on the emerging field of Nuclear Medicine and more specifically in the Molecular Imaging and Targeted Therapies. The Company since its establishment in 1987 is dynamically active in the Health Sector and has established a leading position in covering the market needs of the health industry in diagnostic and therapeutic products, specific medical devices and services. Biomedica Life Sciences S.A. has launched and marketed a unique portfolio of innovative radiopharmaceutical products in Greece.
The Company's core activity, utilizing the expertise that has been developed through the past years, spans over the following fields:

Development and commercialization of innovative products and services through internal R&D efforts
Sourcing late stage diagnostics and therapeutic products for development and commercialization internationally
Investing in research partnerships with academic institutions and research centres

Biomedica Life Sciences S.A. in order to optimize its efficiency in exploiting the results of the R&D activities, has established two Spin-off Companies in which is the controlling shareholder.
The companies are :

Biomedica Life Sciences S.A
2 Tenedou Street, Vrilissia
15235 Athens, Greece
T:+30 210 6899801
F:+30 210 6899809
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